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Here are some examples of the apps we've created.

The Monkey Circus

The Monkey Circus is an interactive story book for children (2-4 years) about a group of monkeys running a circus. The illustrations are adapted from an 1883 children’s book which is in the public domain.


Nihilism.{ART} is a simplistic app with a static white background and very little content. It was created for Claude Soulages, a Brussels based multimedia artist. The piece reflects the emptiness of today’s society and helps people understand the meaninglessness of life.


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Studio Bearskins was founded in 2014 by Evert Beurskens and his sister Eveline Beurskens. They had been brain storming about games ever since they were little kids, and finally decided to put their thoughts into action. Bearskins' first project, an interactive story book called The Monkey Circus, is currently in development.
Evert Beurskens
Co-Founder & Developer
Eveline Beurskens
Co-Founder & Creative Director

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Does your organization have a great idea for an application, but are you lacking the technical expertise to actually implement it? That’s where Studio Bearskins comes in. We can build apps for a variety of platforms, including Android and iOS. Contact our team and we’ll discuss your options.

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